The SEO Made Simple Website. After many years learning, researching, and testing the best techniques for search engine optimization, SEO Made Simple: Strategies for Dominating the World’s Largest Search Engine was published and the accompanying website,, was launched.

This website has been developed to serve as a resource to readers of the legendary book as well as those seeking search engine optimization enlightenment. On these web pages, browsers will find helpful resources for continuing their SEO journey and information about search engine optimization programs for your business.

The book, SEO Made Simple, was based on the experiences of author Michael Fleischner. With the launch of his first website,, Michael learned various SEO techniques that propelled his website to the #1 Google ranking for even the most competitive keywords (ex: “marketing expert”). These techniques were documented and tested for more than two years before being published as SEO Made Simple.

This website,, was launched back in 2008 as a supplemental resource to the first edition of my book,SEO Made Simple. This website goes beyond the pages of the book to provide up-to-date search engine optimization techniques, information, and advice. Those who have purchased the book will find additional explanations of the SEO Made Simple techniques provided in the book.

Today, Michael spends his time, speaking and educating others about SEO and Internet marketing. He speaks in front of large audiences including Fortune 500 companies, colleges, and universities. Schedule Michael to speak at your next corporate event or provide one-one one consulting.
Consulting Fees

Hourly Rate: $250/hr
Half-Day Rate: $1,000* (4 hours)
Full Day Rate: $1,950* (8 hours). Full day includes on-site SEO training and coaching.

*Travel/accommodations billed at cost.

Note: Customized SEO proposals available upon request. Please use the contact us form for more information.  All SEO related work is handled through Michael’s marketing company, Big Fin Solutions.