Today’s leading authority on SEO shows you how to achieve #1 rankings on today’s leading search engine.

SEO training is only valuable when you learn the necessary skills for continually improving your search engine performance. The next step is to develop processes that allow you to seamlessly apply SEO best practices on a regular basis with less effort. This ensures both short term and long-term SEO success.

I’ve consulted with many businesses that pay tens of thousands of dollars for an SEO consultant to “teach” them SEO and all they get is some information about building better meta tags… give me a break! True SEO training goes way beyond basic concepts and reveals proven search engine optimization methods.

Why Focus on SEO?

Seems like a pretty straightforward question but you’d be amazed why some people never focus on search engine optimization or care for that matter. Improving organic rankings is where its at. Not only do more people click through on organic results (about 87% of first page traffic), but these results are trusted and acted upon.

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of all search engine traffic comes through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd organic listings? That right, more than 70%. So what are you doing when it comes to SEO? Are you applying SEO techniques to your web sites each and every day? Alternatively you can spend tens of thousands of dollars buying traffic, but I prefer to get it for free. Once you develop SEO skills, you’ll never have to worry about generating targeted traffic again.

SEO Training: Guaranteed Results

I like to tell it like it is so let me give you my thoughts on some of the “top” SEO firms. Many of these SEO companies want you to spend $1,500 for a couple of days worth of search engine optimization training. That’s not me. I’ve already sat in those classes and can tell you first hand that they’re not for everyone. If you want to be an “SEO Expert” then go ahead. You’ll get all the technical jargon you need to walk the walk.

However, if you want top search engine rankings then don’t waste your time. While the gurus have been on the speaking circuit, I’ve quietly been getting #1 rankings for any keyword I want. The fact is that nothing can replace practical knowledge from someone who’s actually done the work and developed a process for achieving results (that’s me!). The real key is separating fact from fiction and discovering the most effective seo training techniques. It’s about strategy and ACTION.

What I can tell you without hesitation is that I didn’t get top rankings by learning a bunch of SEO theory. I got there by copying the exact strategies that top ranked web sites were using to achieve top search engine rankings again and again. This formula is what I reveal in my courses, one-on-one teachings, and publications.

SEO Coaching and Training Programs

Today I teach the exact same methods I use daily to achieve top search engine rankings for my websites, blogs, and affiliate sites. These methods are taught through a 1-day or 2-day program that is customized to your business, your goals, and the specific outcomes you’re looking for. I also offer one-on-one coaching at an hourly rate to help those who need personalized instruction (limited based on availability). You’ll learn practical skills that can be applied even before leaving the classroom.

One-on-One SEO Coaching
On a very limited basis I offer personalized one-on-one coaching on an hourly rate (Cost $350/hr.). My time is extremely limited so I generally don’t take any individuals on for personalized coaching monthly. However, for some, just any SEO won’t do – they want to work with me directly. If you are an individual or small business and would like personalized coaching services, please submit an inquiry form. If you are simply looking to jump start your SEO for your website, I recommend an Express Review, which provides everything you need to optimize your site for top Google rankings.

My corporate SEO Training Program covers the following topics in either a 1-day or 2-day format. The two day format provides a greater level of customization for your business, more case studies/examples, and an even greater hands-on approach. Each session covers:

  • An amazing method for finding traffic-generating keywords for your website
  • On-page optimization techniques search engines value most when ranking your site
  • Link building and how you can easily win the game of SEO
  • The most effective way to improve rankings using in-bound linking strategies
  • Off-page optimization methods that build quality links in less than 36 hours
  • Proven techniques for achieving #1 search engine rankings in just 28 days
  • The most common mistake made by Website owners seeking top rankings
  • How to improve rankings more than 230 positions with one simple technique

And much more…

The course curriculum is very simple. It starts with understanding some basic SEO principles and focuses on two main areas. The first is “on page optimization”. This is what you do to your website to enhance search engine result placements. By applying these principles, you’re developing a strong foundation for your search engine optimization efforts that can be sustained over the long term.

The second area is “off page optimization”. In a nutshell, this is the secret sauce that drives Google results. The formula is complex and no one really knows how much of each ingredient goes into it, but we have a pretty good idea! I’ll take you by the hand and show you the step-by-step the specific techniques you can apply IMMEDIATELY to improve your web site’s search ranking. Once you understand these principles and practice applying them, it’s off to the races.

“I have gone through the specialized SEO Training program and have treated your methods as my new religion. When I started this whole process, my website was buried on about page twenty eight of Google… I went to page one on Google for “spa covers”, “replacement spa covers” and “spa cover replacement.” Thanks again for teaching me these fantastic techniques!”- Jeff Slinger, SpaCap CEO

“Hey Michael, my traffic has gone from a little more than 10,000 visitors per month, on average, to OVER 45,000 visitors after going through your training and learning the powerful techniques revealed in the SEO Training Program. Thanks for showing me the techniques that significantly improved my Google search engine results.” – Bill Herron, Owner

So What Does This Top Rated SEO Training Cost?

Before I answer that question let me tell you that my business consulting fee is about $5,000 per day plus travel. Yes, people actually pay me that kind of money for SEO consulting because I consistently deliver results. In fact, I’ve helped companies generate over a million dollars in new business simply by improving organic results. A number of companies I’ve worked with have saved as much as $80K per month on PPC advertising that was no longer needed after they achieved the top position for a given keyword or search term.

The big SEO consulting companies like Bruce Clay,, SEOP, etc., will gladly charge your business $15,000 – $20,000 for a course that teaches you all theory and provides little if any tangible knowledge.

My program (available in 1-day or 2-day format) teaches you how to fish for only $1,499* per person. Now you might be saying, “That’s still a lot of money”, but I would ask you to think about how much money you’re losing each day by not applying the strategies needed to move your web site up the search rankings. If you’re not applying the right techniques to protect your positions or improving them, it’s costing you.

Get started today by filling out our Inquiry form and indicating your interest in our SEO Training for your business. We’ll have one of our SEO experts contact you immediately to answer your questions and learn more about your business to see if you qualify for our program.

*Minimum class size of 3. Fees not to exceed $10,000. Additional fees apply (travel). 50% payment due prior to class start date. Classroom materials furnished at no additional cost. Discounts available for SEO training classes of 10 or more.