Penguin 2.0 Update

June 18, 2013 · Posted by Michael Fleischner in Videos
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Penguin 2.0 is here… in fact, some sources have even reported additional updates.  The question you should be asking is how do Google Algorithm updates affect you?  Your website?  Digital assets? Knowing the impact is half the battle.  A good place to start is by evaluating your rankings for select keywords.

Once you’ve begun to dig a little deeper and see the impact on your website, it’s time to evaluate the full scope of impact and put an action plan together to address deficiencies in your optimization strategy.

Your remedy will likely be a combination of strategies and tactics including content creation, on page changes, and link building.  Make sure to utilize a plan you can actually follow.  Where most people fall short is not in the identification of SEO related issues to Penguin or other updates but rather having an executable plan they can easily follow over the long term.

If your site has been negatively impacted by search engine updates, don’t despair.  You can recover and will recover with the right tools and diagnostics. Find an SEO partner you can trust to identify key issues and make the necessary changes to help you achieve search engine optimization dominance.

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