Developing Your Link Profile

June 12, 2013 · Posted by Michael Fleischner in Featured,SEO Tips
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Developing the right link profile can dramatically improve your organic rankings and help you avoid a Google penalty.  Careful link building is not only essential but vital to any website doing business online.  Many sites have taking risks when it comes to link building only to be shut down and put out of business. Your goal should be an effective long-term link building strategy that includes the following:

1.  Diversified link sources- This means that you are getting links from different website on different domains.  Don’t try getting hundreds of links from a single domain but rather different domains or domain clusters.

2.  Diversified link types – Focus on links from a variety of websites including forums, blogs, and news sites.  Having links from many different sources helps to justify website authority and rank.

3.  Diversified anchor text – Anchor text stuffing is our.  Ensure that your anchor text is 70% website URL focused ( and only 25% – 30% keyword focused.  Some SEO’s believe you should only be using your specific keyword in the anchor text 10% of the time!

By following these simple strategies you can ramp up your link building efforts and have a positive impact on search engine rankings.  Don’t stop with basic link building practices, learn advanced techniques to take organic rankings to the next level.

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